• Canyoning La Buitrera
    Canyoning La Buitrera A powerful core framework that underpins the entire template providing the base for all the template features and functions.
  • Instalaciones Bulder GEKO
    Instalaciones Bulder GEKO Transform the entire template into a dynamic, configurable slideshow via the intuitive, user friendly RokGallery infrastructure.
  • Escalada Deportiva
    Escalada Deportiva Advanced navigation systems that are highly configurable and flexible to suit the needs of a diverse range of sites.


GEKO Vertical — Gimnasio de escalada deportiva en el norte de Cali

Contamos con bulder para practicar escalada deportiva, prestamos servicio de aventura extrema en lugares urbanos y rurales ( Escalada deportiva , bulder, camping, rappel, canyoning, Articulos de escalada y mucho más). Todo lo anterior con calidad y personal capacitado.

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RokGallery is an advanced photo gallery solution for Joomla, that rests on a custom tagging architecture, combined with native application slice editing.

  • Gallery Styling: the template has integrated styled for the main Gallery pages
  • Administrator: select the main background image via the RokGallery interface
  • Slideshow: use RoKGallery's slideshow to rotate between main background images
  • Grid Layout: the RokGallery module, in Grid mode, also benefits from styled suppor.

Integrated Extensions

Choose from an array of RocketTheme Extensions, which have integrated template styling support, such as RokNewsPager, RokStories, RokTabs or RokTwittie.

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Adobe® PNG Sources

Customize the various template image elements, such as the logo, using the distributed Adobe® Fireworks PNG source files and online tutorial for Logo Editing.

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78 Module Positions

There are 78 module positions. If no module is published to a position, it will not appear, collapsing the entire area. The...

58 Module Variations

Individualise your module content with the selection of available suffixes with varying stylistic and structural differences,...

Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion Menu is primarily a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that combines standard suckerfish type functionality with...
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Color Chooser Controls

Customize the template's color scheme via the Gantry administrator. Control various style elements such as link, text and background color, of the current or new presets.

Initial Template Setup


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Style Configuration Customize the existing presets to your only personal preference and save.


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